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The development trend of the button switch, push button switch

time:2018-04-17 01:36:00

The development trend of the button switch, push button switch
Button switch is the development direction of high frequency, high reliability, low consumption, low noise, anti-interference and modularization. Because light switches, small, thin hub of technology is a high frequency, so the major foreign switch manufacturers are committed to the synchronous development of new type high intelligent components, especially improve the wastage of the secondary rectifier device, and increase the science and technology on power ferrite materials made, in order to progress in high frequency and large to earn high function of magnetic flux density, and the miniaturization of capacitor is also a hub for the technology. The application of SMT technology makes the key switch made great progress, both sides in the circuit board layout components, to ensure the switch power supply of light, small and thin.
The high frequency of button switch is to set up different traditional PWM switch technology, realize ZVS and ZCS of soft switch technology has become the mainstream of button switch, and greatly improved the working efficiency of the key switch. For high reliability index, key switch produced by reducing the running current, reduce the junction temperature and other measures to reduce the stress of the device, greatly advances the reliability of the key switch.