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Lvbo electric, born in the surging tide of market economy, the growth in the fertile soil on the reform and opening up. With the unswerving spirit of the present situation, the indomitable spirit of struggle and the advanced awareness of innovation, we have made the "green wave" ship go along the channel of "deepening the innovation mechanism, implementing the famous brand strategy, expanding the capital management and continuous rapid development".

Facing the future, with the further deepening of reform and opening up and the integration of China's trade with WTO, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Facing opportunities and challenges, we will continue to carry out the tenet of "market oriented, science and technology as the driving force, humanity as the soul and quality for life". Constantly developing new products, improving service and enterprising spirit, striving to repay the society with first-class products.

This is the bridge and link between you and me. Here, I want to thank you for the support of green development again. Your expectations about support green green, as in the past. This is your platform for entrepreneurship and take-off. Unlimited business opportunities are waiting for you to make an appointment. Green and you, and depend on each other, let us work together to meet the challenges, embrace the future, create a better tomorrow.