Insurmountable switch industry brand
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Switch network in China is China's first comprehensive service site in switch area; Is based on information technology and abundant different operation form and to build a large e-commerce channels; Based on combination switch professional information, information foundation specialized web portal. Since creating web sites to lose no time shopping malls to carry out dynamic analysis accurate control switch career think broad switch careers, companies supply operation, implement, business service in China is number one communication channel switch profession indispensable main strength in the process of brand building. Energy need dominance will increasingly highlight the brand competition advantage in this blend to the company of "energy carrier" onto the front of the store, and the brand is also depend on the center value is copied into the domestic production equipment of the company's "to be bestowed favor on newly". At that time, switch the mall brand boss; Not happen overnight but a strong brand shaping, is to experience the market training and development of a long period of time, witnessed the rise and fall of a company and after grow up gradually. To avoid domestic brand of switch of professional conduct, and promote the market competition of benign, switch network in China is extremely era characteristics and market need "brand introduction" module, switch for the domestic supply of collaboration in the supply and demand side of the benign channels, to switch careers in China continue to carry out the established a solid bridge.