The types and characteristics of rotary switches and push button switch
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Rotary switches and push button switch may be classified according to the operating methods, the protection method, see more of the button type and features:
1, open type: suitable for embedded and fixed on the switch board, control cabinet, or the console panel. Code-named K.
2, key switch, with a key in rotation, can avoid the wrong operation or for someone to operate. Code-named Y.
3, maintenance: maintenance of shell, to avoid the internal button parts by mechanical damage or people hit a charged some, code-named H.
4, the anti-corrosion type: can avoid chemical corrosive gas invasion. Code-named F.
5, explosion-proof switch: can be used for the local rich in explosive gas and dust and do not lead to explosive, such as coal mine, etc. Code-named B.
6, waterproof switch: with sealed enclosure, can prevent water intrusion. Codenamed "S.
7, knob switch: the rotation operation contact with the hand, there are two bearing on and off, usually for panel mounting type. Code-named X.
8, pressing switch: is there a big red button mushrooms head protrudes from outside, for pressing block the supply. Code-named J or M.
9, self-restraint button switch: in a self-control with electromagnetic group button, first used in power plants, substations, or test equipment, operator announced each signal and instruction, etc., usually the panel operations. Code-named Z.
10, with lamp button: in a light button, except for release operation command signal instructions and, more is used in the control cabinet, the console panel. Code-named D.