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Various types of button switches

time:2018-03-17 09:37:00

(1) protective button: a button with protective shell, which can prevent internal button parts from being damaged by machine or people touch the live part. Its code is H.
(2) dynamic button: normally, the switch contact is a button that is connected.
(3) motion button: normally, the switch contact is a disconnected button.
(4) moving and moving breaking button: under normal condition, the switch contacts are connected and disconnected.
(5) a button with a lamp: the button is equipped with a signal lamp. Besides issuing the operation command, it also acts as a signal indication, and its code is D.
(6) action click button: mouse click button.
(7) explosion-proof button: it can be applied to a place containing explosive gas and dust without causing detonation. The code is B.
(8) anticorrosive button: it can prevent the invasion of chemical corrosive gas, and its code is F.
(9) waterproof button: the sealed shell can prevent rainwater from invading, and its code is S.
(10) emergency button: there is a big mushroom button on the outside. It can be used as a button to cut off the power in emergency. Its code is J or M.
(11) open button: it can be used to insert a button fixed on the panel of switch board, control cabinet or console, and its code is K.
(12) chain button: a button with multiple contacts interlinked, and its code is C.
(13) knob button: turn the operation contact with the handle. There is a button that connects to the location. It is usually a button installed on the panel, and its code is X.
(14) key button: a button that is inserted and rotated by key to prevent misoperation or for personal operation. Its code is Y.
(15) self holding button: a button in the button is equipped with a self retaining electromagnetic mechanism, and its code is Z.

(16) combined button: a button with multiple buttons combination, which is called E.